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General Vitamin Questions

You can take the capsules together, either in the morning or evening. Our vitamin’s delayed-release capsule design means you can take them on an empty stomach.

BabyRx vitamins don’t contain any dairy, gluten, nuts, or sugar products.

We designed our vitamins with gentle and natural forms of nutrients to give you the best experience possible!

Locations that are dry, cool, and not exposed to direct sunlight are best, like cabinets or pantries. Ideally put your vitamins somewhere you’ll remember to take them daily.

You should only take the recommended dose of our vitamins; taking more of a vitamin than recommended doesn’t provide any kind of boost or help your body. There shouldn’t be a toxicity concern if you accidentally take more than the recommended dose, but it is possible to overdose on certain vitamins if you take more than the recommended dosage. We recommend checking in with your health care provider if this happens. This is for your information only and is not medical advice or advice for use in the treatment or management of an actual poison exposure. If you have an exposure, you should call your local emergency number (such as 911) or the National Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

Some people may feel a noticeable difference, but many don’t, and that’s perfectly fine. What happens inside your body is most important. Water-soluble nutrients like B12, Magnesium, and B12 have more immediate effects that can help to support your cells, blood, and more, while fat-soluble nutrients like Omega-3, vitamins D, K and E may take more time to be absorbed and utilized by your body. Overall, it can take a couple of months for your body to adjust to your improved vitamin intake.

No, we don't suggest cutting open the vitamins as the delayed-release mechanism won’t work, so your body won’t get the optimal nutrient levels from our vitamins.

When supplementing with Vitamin K, please consult your healthcare provider before use if you are using blood-thinning medication.

We include DHA and EPA Omega-3 nutrients in our Prenatal and Postnatal vitamins; some people may notice a fishy aftertaste after taking the vitamins. If you're tasting anything fishy or experiencing burps with an aftertaste, we suggest taking our vitamins just before bedtime, or on an empty stomach with a glass of juice.

Yes! We don’t include soy products in our products, although there may be trace amounts present due to cross-contamination during transport and manufacturing.

You can find the expiration date listed on the label of your vitamin bottle.

Prenatal / Postnatal

Women, ages 18-50, who are considering becoming, trying, or are pregnant.

Preferably, you should start taking BabyRx Prenatal at least 3 months before conception to ensure your body has sufficient folate stores to support the neural tube development of the fetus, but we know that sometimes life doesn’t quite happen that way. Either way, BabyRx Prenatal has your nutrient needs in mind for pregnancy; from our Omega-3 DHA, which works alongside Folate to help support fetal brain development, to Vitamin D3, which helps support bone strength and healing, we include key ingredients to advance your health.

The BabyRx Prenatal includes a complete set of 20 essential nutrients that are critical throughout pregnancy for you and your baby. We use only clean, high-quality ingredients that other prenatals don’t tell you they leave out, like Omega-3, DHA, Collagen, Vitamin A, B2, and Zinc. Some of the most important include:

  • Folate, which supports neural tube development and helps prevent other complications
  • Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA for brain health
  • Collagen for skin and joint health

The postpartum period is usually defined as the time from birth up to 6 months post-birth. We recommend our BabyRx Postnatal to women for 6 months after giving birth or for as long as they plan to lactate.


Take one capsule daily, before or after meals.

Daily doses of probiotic help support a healthy, balanced gut microbiome. Probiotics are only active in the gut for a few days or weeks after intake, depending on the strain, so regular consumption helps your body realize the benefits of the probiotic.

With any new supplement or dietary habit, your body needs time to adjust and adapt. The changes happening in your gut microbiome and new bacteria being introduced may lead to minor GI bloating or other minor issues and changes in routine. These should go away in a few weeks as your body adjusts, but if you notice any that seem more stubborn, please contact your healthcare provider.

You can absolutely take it the next day.

Yes, BabyRx Probiotic can be taken with BabyRx Prenatal/Postnatal. They can actually have synergistic effects if taken regularly together as the Probiotic helps your gut absorb more of the nutrients from the Prenatal/Postnatal!

Take 1 capsule/day of BabyRx Probiotic and 2 capsules/day of your BabyRx Prenatal/Postnatal.

When you first starting a probiotic, your gut microbiome may need time to adjust and adapt to the probiotic. You may experience side effects like gas, intestinal bloating, or stomach rumbling, which should go away. Consult your healthcare professional if symptoms continue after a few weeks.

Probiotics are live microorganisms like bacteria, which when consumed in adequate quantities, support your gut health. Probiotics and other types of bacteria can be cultured, grown and cultivated, under certain conditions. They are also present in may fermented or cultured foods, such as cheese, yogurt, kombucha, and kefir.

This is the body changing and acclimating to the introduction of new support to the gut microbiome.

Women's Fertility

There is no timeline or guarantee while taking BabyRx Women’s Fertility. Many environmental, genetic, and nutritional factors can contribute to and influence your fertility. We can’t and don’t guarantee that anyone will become pregnant while taking our Women’s Fertility supplement, but we do recommend that you take it for at least 3 months while actively trying to conceive. This is because that is an appropriate length of time for your body to adjust to your improved nutrient intake.

We recommend taking a BabyRx Prenatal Vitamin in conjunction with BabyRx Women’s Fertility to ensure you are receiving all recommended daily nutrients. Always consult your healthcare provider before you take any vitamins or supplements to check that they are providing the right levels of nutrients for your body.

Yes! It is safe to take Inositol while breastfeeding, and in fact it can even help with milk supply! Breastmilk is rich in Inositol, and Inositol is found naturally in cereals, fruits, nuts, and vegetables as well as dairy and animal products. 12

Yes it is! Women with PCOS or Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome typically experience irregular periods and struggle with successful ovulation. BabyRx Women’s Fertility contains nutrients that have been clinically demonstrated to improve egg quality and ovulation which could help ovulatory activity and fertility in women with PCOS. BabyRx Women’s Fertility is not intended to diagnose, mitigate, or treat PCOS. If you have this condition, consult your healthcare provider.

Myo-Inositol is a member of the B vitamin group of nutrients that can help balance regulatory hormones, promote ovary function, enhance egg quality, encourage menstrual cycle regularity, and regulate metabolism. Several clinical studies have linked consumption of a 40:1 ratio of myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol to improved ovulation and lower chances of developing gestational diabetes.

Men's Fertility

When consuming BabyRx Men’s Fertility, we recommend your partner follow the same timeline as BabyRx Women’s Fertility, as it can take at least 3 months before your body adapts to the improved nutrient profile.

BabyRx Men’s Fertility heightens the male libido, stimulates sperm motility, and enhances sperm quality. Ingredients like Lycopene, Selenium, Zinc, and Vitamin E work together to support healthy sperm counts, sperm motility, and energy levels, ultimately contributing to fertility success.


The BabyRx diaper is a luxury diaper with superior absorption made from truly clean and biodegradable components. It is incredibly soft, 80% more absorbent, and uses only clean materials with 100% ingredient transparency. Every aspect of our diaper has been enginered to deliver the highest performance, quality, and comfort.

Our diapers are the most absorbent on the market; each diaper’s absorbent core is made from 100% organic bamboo and can contain messes from the most active babies. The organic bamboo core is optimized for physical and neuro development by being truly toxin free and use biodegradable materials that are eco-friendly.

The absorbent core of the diapers is made of 100% organic bamboo that is toxin-free and 100% biodegradable as well as sodium polyacrylate.

The nonwoven backsheet is made of polypropylene and polyester, while the topsheet is made of polypropylene. The high loft nonwoven acquisition layer is made of polyester.

The hook tab system is made of polypropylene and poylethylene film.

Each diaper also includes a wetness indicator and adhesives.

Yes! The absorbent core of the diapers is made of 100% organic bamboo that is toxin-free and 100% biodegradable! The bamboo used is sourced from Certified Organic Farms, and not a single tree is cut down during manufacturing.

Yes! Our diaper is highly degradable because the absorbent core is made of organic bamboo that is 100% compostable!

We also use green manufacturing practices, and our diapers are made in a state-of-the-art, solar-powered facility that uses water recycling, noise control, and electric vehicles.

Our diapers are made from clean materials, and are free from toxins commonly found in other diapers such as: phthalates, parabens, Chlorine, fragrances, dyes, lotions, alcohol, brighteners, latex, and heavy metals.

The number of diapers per package varies by size. See below:
Size 01 - 128
Size 02 - 120
Size 03 - 112
Size 04 - 104
Size 05 - 96
Size 06 - 88

Your baby will probably go through one pack of diapers in 5-7 days depending on their wet diaper output. Each box contains 4 packs of diapers, is designed to supply enough diapers for 4 weeks, or a month, and includes varying quantities of diapers depending on size. Our subscribe-and-save is a great option to make sure you don't run out of diapers, and save some money on baby expenses! Click here to sign up for your subscription!

If you run out sooner than the scheduled subscription auto-fill date or need to change the date or skip delivery, you can change the delivery date to be sooner by logging into your account and editing the order, or texting us at (844) 479-0985.

We sell our diapers through our eCommerce store, and are planning to launch to retail soon!

Our diapers run true-to-size, and if your baby is in between sizes shown below, we advise you use a size up for improved fit.

Size 1: 8 - 12 lbs

Size 2: 12 - 18 lbs

Size 3: 16 - 21 lbs

Size 4: 20 - 32 lbs

Size 5: 27 - 35 lbs

Size 6: Over 35 lbs

While size guides are a great starting point, it may be helpful to also use weight, waist circumference, body type, and age to help you choose a diaper size as well.

You can also email use at hello@babyrx.com for advice. Just tell use your baby's measurements and we'll help find the right diaper size for your baby.

Our diapers run true-to-size, but every baby is different! The diaper should fit high and snug around your baby's waist, at or just above the belly button. There should be enough slack to fit one finger in between your baby's tummy and the waistband. There shouldn't be gaps in the leg or waist areas, and the tabs should not overlap.

You can also email use at hello@babyrx.com for advice. Just tell use your baby's measurements and we'll help find the right diaper size for your baby.

We have a sizing guide with tips on fiding the ideal fit! Generally, if your baby starts to experience frequent leaks and blowouts, you're probably ready to go up a size.

Most parents experience a diaper leak sooner or later, but there are plenty of steps you can take to stop or prevent diaper leaks from occuring.

1. Check that the diaper fit is snug

A common reason for a diaper leak is when a diaper isn't fastened correctly. Before bedtime, check that your baby's diaper is fitting snug against their body, that its done up securely, and there aren't any gaps between the diaper and any part of your baby's body, including your baby's back, tummy, and thighs.

2. Check if the diaper is too big

Babies more around a lot when they sleep, and even securely-fastened diapers can slip and leak, particularly if the diaper is too big for your baby.

When you put the next diaper on your baby, try running your finger around the edges of the diaper. If there's even a small gap between the diaper and your baby's waist or legs, liquid can escape, so you may want to try a smaller diaper size.

3. Check if the diaper is too small

Smaller diapers can't absorb as much liquid, so if your baby wakes up to a saturated diaper or wet sheets, you might need to switch to a larger diaper size.

If you see red marks on your baby around the diaper area, those could also be a signal that you need to switch to a larger diaper size. These red marks mean that the diaper is too tight, which can lead to diaper rash.

4. Try changing your baby's diaper just before bed

A great tip for preventing leaks or blowouts is to change your baby's diaper right before bedtime. This ensures that they have a fresh diaper for the night, and are less like to saturate it.

You can also change their diaper just before you go to bed as well to really ensure your baby stays dry through the night.

5. What to do if your baby's diaper is still leaking

If you've checked all of the issues above and you are still experiencing leaks, try to pinpoint which part of the diaper is causing a leakage. If the leak is coming from the back, pull the diaper a bit higher over your baby's bottom next time. If the leak is coming from the side or thigh area, double check that the leg gathers aren't folded in. If it's coming from the tummy area, and you have a baby boy, make sure to point their penis down, not up, when changing their diaper, so that they don't pee over the top of the diaper.

Also make sure the front half of the diaper goes up to your baby's tummy.


Our wipes are not flushable and should always be disposed of in the trash.

BabyRx wipes are safe for all parts of your baby! Adults can also use them; we've had some customers use them for removing make up or cleaning up after an active workout. Our wipes are cleaning, soothing, and safe.

You can put our wipes in a wipe warmer, although you might need to add more water to keep them from drying out.

Like all wipes, BabyRx wipes do expire after a period. If they are stored properly in a cool, dry location, they last up to a year after opening, and longer if they are unopened. Always check the expiration date on our packaging.

BabyRx wipes are great for sensitive skin, including that of newborns or babies with sensitive skin/eczema.


Our subscription program is designed to ensure that you never run out of vitamins, and to save you time. The BabyRx subscription program also provides improved convenience as well as cost savings to you!

The subscription is automatically set to renew after 30 days and you will always receive an order confirmation email for every order. You can update your shipping address, billing information, frequency (automatically set to 30 days), swap products or simply delay or skip that shipment any time before the order renewal date. You can cancel at any time by logging into your account, via Manage Subscription page or via email at hello@babyrx.com

You'll be charged immediately on your first order and for all subsequent orders you'll be charged every 30 days after that. You can edit your next shipment date by changing it or skipping it at least 3 days before your next charge date!

It’s easy to cancel your subscription at any time from your Account page or Manage Subscription page. Click “Manage Subscriptions,” and click “Cancel.” Select a reason for your cancellation and click “Cancel my subscription.”

If you still need help, email us at hello@babyrx.com to start the cancellation process.

You can make changes to your subscription in your BabyRx account or via Manage Subscription page, by connecting via chat, or by sending us a text at (844) 479-0985.

You can sign up in your BabyRx account, connect via chat, or just send us a text at (844) 479-0985 and we’ll help you sign up!

Current subscribers can sign up for text order management at the time of checkout, via our website in your BabyRx account after the checkout, by connecting via chat, or by sending us a text at (844) 479-0985 so we can help you sign up! You can ask us any product, baby or pregnancy-related questions as well!

Shipping & Returns

We offer shipment to all 50 states in the US, and we are hoping to expand internationally soon. Unfortunately, we're not currently able to ship to P.O. Boxes, APO and FPO addresses.

Our standard shipping option has a transit time of 2-5 days for locations within the continuous US. Depending on the carrier, we may deliver on Saturdays and Sundays. Once your order ships, you’ll receive an email with tracking info, so you can check on your delivery status. If you have any questions about your order status, please reach out to us at hello@babyrx.com or connect via chat.

Our expedited shipping option offers 2-day shipping for locations within the continuous US.

All orders are shipped the same day if placed before noon on a weekday and the next business day if placed after noon on a weekday.

We do. Orders will arrive within 1-2 days.

Our goal is to make sure that you're happy and have the best experience possible with us. That means if our products aren't for you, we'll refund your first order in full minus a $10 shipping charge, within 30 days from the date of purchase. This happiness guarantee applies whether you are a new subscriber who just made your first order, or you are an existing subscriber who placed a first order for a new product. Please contact us at hello@babyrx.com to request a refund.

Refunds are not available for bulk orders beyond your initial order's first product as listed above.

We’re sorry to hear that! Please email us at hello@babyrx.com or connect via chat with your order number and a photo of the damage/defect, and we’ll work quickly to fix the issue.


You can easily reset your BabyRx account password via our website. Go to sign in > forgot password > reset.

You can check the status of your order in your account as well as by clicking on the link in your order confirmation email. Go to account > orders > order status. You can also send us an email at hello@babyrx.com, or connect via chat to get an update on your shipment!

Our systems are designed to get your orders on the way as quickly as possible. Please review your order carefully before checking out. We are unable to make changes or cancel your order once it has been placed.

We accept all major credit cards as well as HSA debit cards.

Each plan may vary but you can make your purchase directly with an HSA debit card (if provided) when checking out. You can also save your receipt after you make your purchase, and submit the claim through your insurance provider's system.

For one-time orders, or the first order of your subscription, you will be charged at the time you checkout.

For subsequent subscription orders, you'll be charged every 30 days after that. You can edit your next shipment date by changing it or skipping it at least 3 days before your next charge date!

Yes, and we would love to have you join it! Sign up on our referral page and enter your email to generate your custom referral link! You can share your link with your friends via email, social media, or text. Your link gives you and your friends $10 in store credit. Your friends get $10 off their first purchase, and you receive $10 off your next purchase. Not that you will only get credit for referring first-time customers.